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It's one thing to love talking about your favorite beauty and wellness products. For me, there's a higher purpose to my craft. Gushing about my ride-or-die anti-blemish serum or the best vegan CBD gummies is certainly a part of what I do. However, my purpose in this industry goes far beyond that. Let me show you what I mean.

My Niche? Cruelty-Free & Clean Beauty

My passion for cruelty-free & clean beauty products truly ignites a fire within me. I create content strictly around stringent cruelty-free beauty standards, ensuring consumers are well informed while promoting a cruelty-free planet.

but that's not all of it

Soon after I began my journalism career as a Beauty Editor, I began to realize how wasteful we collectively are as a human race.

So my journey into tapping into what it means to be eco-friendly began. I started reseraching ways to cut back on what I consume, or at least how I consume and dispose of it. As someone who reviews beauty products for a living, it can be difficult to strike the balance. 

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