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Sara Kelley

Beauty & Wellness Writer

About Sara

I'm a Beauty & Wellness Editor on a mission

I am a Beauty Editor that is fueled by robust copy, tight grammar, and my favorite food: pasta salad. I specialize in creating editorial content centered on cruelty-free beauty, wellness, and other related topics. Protecting animal welfare and promoting environmentalism has always been my top priority in my line of work. The result? Content that makes an impact on people and the planet.

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A lot goes into writing an engaging piece of content. I have developed a unique approach to reporting on the best cruelty-free beauty & wellness topics.

Unique Writing Style

I take on a fresh, relatable, and educational approach in my writing style.

Industry Connections

My industry connections give me the leverage I need to develop engaging articles.

Trending News

As a Beauty & Wellness Writer, I use the latest tech to predict upcoming trends.

Fact Checking

I'm here to present the facts and cite credible sources to instill confidence in readers.

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What I Offer

creative collaboration that makes an impact

What your company needs is next-level copy that commands reader and media attention. You need a Beauty Editor who can cut through the noise and produce clutter-free material for your audience. I relish in knowing that my content enforces positive change in people's lives.

Editorial Content

The main course. I deliver high quality articles centered around a host of subjects. While I have primarily referred to myself as a Beauty Editor in the past, my expertise now spans across multiple subjects. Beauty, wellness, veganism, sustainable fashion, eco-friendly lifestyle, and mental health are all topics I cover in my work. Contact me to chat.

Beauty & Fashion Copywriting

Looking for a copywriter that will take your brand to the next level? As a Beauty Writer, I am well versed in developing copy materials. I have also previously worked as a fashion copywriter. If you’re seeking a Beauty Copywriter, a Fashion Copywriter, or anything in between, just reach out and we’ll discuss your unique needs.

Social Content (Video & Photo)

Let’s face is: most companies depend on social media to get the word out about their company. TikTok and Instagram are where your potential customers are consuming content. Shoot me a message to discuss how we can collaborate in the social media realm.

Product Reviews

Consumers want to know the latest and greatest products on the market. My job as a Beauty Writer & Editor is to deliver that to your potential consumers. Got a specific product that deserves to be highlighted? Hoping to get included in the next best of list online? Message me for PR inquiries and to obtain the proper mailing address. 

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Whether you're an online publication, a cruelty-free beauty company, or anything in between, together we can partner to develop a cohesive portfolio of digital content.

meet my vibrant team

I can't take all of the credit for myself. I'd like to introduce you to my truly vibrant and colorful team.

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Beauty & Wellness Editor

Sara Kelley

Sara is the head Beauty & Wellness Editor. She writes all of the editorials & copy.
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Visual Content Creator

Sara Kay

Sara creates all the visual content. Photos, videos - you name it, she's got it.
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Executive Snack Manager

Sara (with no h)

Sara supplies snacks to keep the team energized. We don't know what we'd do without her.
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Team Mascot

Socks Kelley

Socks is our mascot. He sleeps through most of his shifts and provides comic relief.

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